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Quest Fitness is built on the philosophy of Functional Fitness focused on achieving ‘Complete Fitness’. Functional Fitness is a practical everyday workout that helps in leading an active life and be able to face life’s daily challenges.

Our solutions for corporates  are geared towards improved understanding of fitness, habit formation & inspiring employees to make changes in their lifestyle. Our wellness programs aim to enhance individual lives, foster teamwork, improve communication across silos & create a workplace environment that is vibrant, energized & positive.

Onsite Fitness Training

onsite1 Corporate SolutionsPerformed in your workplace, an environment that your staff are familiar with & comfortable in, Our training  helps in developing Agility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Balance & Co-ordination & Flexibility. The onsite fitness training program brings all these element to your team 2-3 times a week.




 Fitness Workshop FItness-workshop2 Corporate Solutions

We facilitate high quality & interactive fitness workshops that encourage extensive employee participation. Our onsite workshop pans up to 2 hours that includes a functional training sessions, fitness based team games & talks by fitness experts.Onsite Fitness Training.





Offsite Fitness Campoffsite1 Corporate Solutions

A 1-2 days Fitness camp at our exclusive beach property near Alibaugh. It includes Individual & Team building actives based on fitness along with some Adventure activities.





 Workplace Boot-Camp bootcamp2 Corporate Solutions

A 1 day event that is conducted onsite or in the workplace vicinity. This boot-camp tests all aspects of fitness, along with workshops for Health & Nutrition, Self-defense, Functional fitness e.t.c. All the participating employees are given a Health score card & a personalized fitness review. Its a definite eye opener.