qmfc61 Core Training

A stable, strong core enhances balance and stability; both essential factors that affect all our daily functions. Core muscles are the central link that connect the upper and lower body. Force and power generated by the limbs are magnified if the core is stable. Core training helps keep the back healthy, improves sporting abilities and works on maintain good posture.

With the Quest Fitness functional fitness sessions you could be kick boxing, hammering a truck tire, bounding through agility drills, doing core strengthening exercises, stretching, and aerobic activity all in one session. Every class is an innovative mix and match of exercises created to energise you completely. Fun is a huge motivational force. It’s what we yearn for, work towards, look forward to. Quest Fitness sessions are fun. Workouts are varied; the music keeps changing to the tempo of the activities conducted; the equipment is unconventional; and you and your body will never get bored with this unique method of getting fit. Try the Quest Fitness alternative and get fit forever.

Core Training videos

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